Blocking people

I’d like to not have to see posts from people who make “triggered” jokes, mock people dealing with inequality, or insist that people angry over social issues are just whining. Sometimes a flag just doesn’t cut it.

Stay away from Off Topic and you’ll be fine. You can mute individual forum categories.

We won’t add blocking support as it’s not our forum software.


I understand that it’s not your software, so there’s nothing you can do, but I would like to point out that it’s not just in Off Topic. I’ve seen content I’d like to block users for in every category.

Flag appropriately and our moderators will handle it.

Appropriate flagging is going to be disagreed on every once in a while. I think this is an issue, but I’ll accept that there may be nothing to be done about it, at least not without me going to the forum software development company and requesting a block feature to be put in.

You can read about Discourse’s response about blocking here:



I’d appreciate it if you could link me to these posts. Because I fear that I posted in one of them.

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Oh no, not jokes! At least it’s not self-depricating humour, that’d be horrible.

The question has been sufficiently answered.