Blockdude Returns

The Blockdude player model was one of my favorite features in GMT, but alas, in the port, it appears to not of followed its’ fan base.


As Tower Unite has been labeled by the devs “the spiritual successor to GMT” I believe it would be such the privilege to have a new Blockdude model equivalent in the new platform as the model was such a flexible asset. Whether using the same template as Minecraft is copyright infringing is beyond me, I feel like it would make maters easier for the devs and users alike. It would enable creativity and personal individuality without having to worry about large downloads bogging down the servers, and also not having to worry about explicit content on ranked servers over a pixelated nipple or something. But that is beside the point, it was one of my favorite options back in GMT and I’m sure I was not the only one. If Blockdude would make a return, I believe it would fit in and be an addition to the overall theme and character of the Tower Unite universe.

I’d love this. In fact, it might even be worth putting forth a bit of effort to reach out to Mojang and see if they could work out some inclusion of an officially aproved Minecraft playermodel with skin support; that way you could just connect to the existing servers to get the skins. It’d also bring in a VERY large amount of players because Minecraft has a very large playerbase and community.


It would probably be hard to do, honestly, since Microsoft now owns the company. I doubt that using the same skin template as Minecraft would infringe on copyright, but it would seem a bit sketchy IMO.


I was also suggesting making a semi-original equivalent to that, but the if the same template was used [quote=“Kel, post:1, topic:10461”]
it would make maters easier for the devs and users alike

Maters being content both that the devs and the users create. So people would not have to re-create their favorite skins from MC, though I agree, that is probably the direction this would head if it were to become a reality.

TBH you cant copyright a image layout meant to be modified and used. The steve skin is copyrighted, but the template it self is like copyrighting a type of paragraph, you cant do it.