Block system is terrible

Let me start off by saying this is probably one of the best communities I’ve played on since starting the game in 2019. It is a very wholesome community but the lack of moderation at certain times is very upsetting and is such a detriment to a game like this. I’ve had a few friends tell me how bad the block system is, and I do think it should really be improved on. It is one sided and really half made. Like someone put together a block system and thought to themselves “Yeah, this’ll do.” It really only takes one person to ruin it for the other 63 in the lobby. The block system should really be two sided, where you can’t see them and they can’t see you. I am someone who spends most of their time in plaza grinding so I pretty much see the ins and outs of how this community is. I have seen someone get harassed over and over even with the block system on. Yes, I know there’s a report button and yes I do use it. You guys really need to improve on it because right now it feels like I’m on a toxic Garry’s Mod server. If you guys don’t have moderators that come on to monitor and keep things cool, at least give us the proper tools to deal with a nuisance. As of now here are the few flaws in the block system that I have noticed:

Blocked users achievements show up.
Blocked users join notifications show up.
Blocked users pets sometimes show up.
Blocked users effects show up? (I’ve heard from a friend that when they shoot you can still see it) (Have not confirmed this.)
Blocked users are able to see what you type and your player model. (Have not confirmed if voice transmits to them but I’m guessing so) (This needs to be 2 sided)
Blocked users show up on the tab map.
Blocked users show up on tab player list. (They are already in the settings menu, we don’t need a reminder of a blocked user when scrolling through the player list)

If you’re talking about effects from weapons like fireworks from the firework launcher, a recent update patched that out so that those also hide when you block a player. if you mean the particle effects you wear then idk if those hide or not


We have moderators. You can report disruptive players using the in-game report system. Please report bad behavior so we can take care of it.

The blocking feature has been improved over time, recently we fixed blocking not blocking weapons/effects of players and blocked players in vehicles.

We plan to improve the blocking feature further, by hiding the blocked player even more (from certain UI elements, etc.).


I have tried blocking someone who is harassing me; their tools, weapons, weapon effects and pets all show up.

They have been following me around for days.

why just not make people you block unable to see you as well really? That sounds like a pretty rational request voiced a bunch of times

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I’ve been getting emails about this thread. I don’t even play this game anymore and to see that this thread is getting replies a whole year later shows that @macdguy You either don’t care about the problem, or just find that your current system is doing well. I feel for all that spam you’ll get regarding your current system when you get the ball rolling with VR. How hard is it to implement a block system like the one VRChat has?

I am very aware of the issues the block system and have been working to improve it. The next hot fix already includes various improvements to the system.

Just because a suggestion thread hasn’t been replied to by staff doesn’t mean we haven’t considered improvements or have not developed improvements.

Blocking system has had various improvements since this post, and more improvements are on the way.

We have a very small team (for the size of this project) that has to manage juggling between new content and bugs.

To answer your question directly, it can take several weeks of exclusive development time to implement a more advanced block system, based on total development time and testing. While some bugs you mentioned can be easier to resolve, adding new features such as hiding your account from a person you have blocked is tricky as we have to let the server know who has who blocked, then update accordingly. It is a full feature set. That said, I am not against the idea of doing it and I feel it’s important to tackle in the near future.

We have plans to improve blocking for the upcoming Casino Phase 2 update.


how about client of P1 who banned P2 just sending a message to the server and the server sending P2’s client message to add P1 in hiding list (which they can’t directly check)?
Then if P1 unbans P2, P1’s client is just reserving that record locally until P2 joins same server as P1 and their client receives message to remove P1 from the hiding list
Seems not too stretchy on the net coding perfomance, but of course I can’t know for sure