Block one categories

i spend more than more than 30 min to block all anime girls,weird,pedo,things. Maybe if we can block one categories we can win time.


i like this idea, i am someone someone who gets fed up of having to go through workshop every week to block a new wave of models in certain categories,
the only downside i could see is if there are actual wanted models in a category you would like to see that also get blocked.
e.g. i personally dont want to see furry OCs, but blocking anthropomorphic will also block game characters, like Pokemon. i guess that is the one downside.
unless an option for player-models that have multiple categories containing a blocked category will get “put under review” to have like a speed check like thing on load up or something, where you go through all the latest under review models, you can press 1 button to block a model or press another to allow it and it will cycle through all the thumbnails of the under review models so you can quickly allow them or block them on load up,
although it is still effort that makes it easier imo rather than clicking in and out of models on workshop which would be 10x long imo.

that could be another option in the blocking process that you can turn off or turn on in settings, just makes it easier for me to allow models i dont want to be blocked.


well thats kinda hard to plan but why not

Unfortunately doing a block by category is not easily done or reliable (requires a Steam API search of all active workshop models at once). On top of that the tags rely on the user submitting the content and while we do moderate them, things can still pass through.