Blaze027's Introduction

hey guys you might have seen me on a few topics that i either made or made a comment on. to be honest i dont know what to type. i guess i could tell you where it all started and stuff like that… here goes:

i first heard of gmod tower from youtubers called “The Yogscast” a few years ago and when i saw it i wanted to get it because it seemed very fun but i didnt have gmod so when i got it the first thing i did was play ttt… then it was prop hunt i think then gmod tower (you thought i was gonna say gmod tower first didnt you? : P) and i had a blast playing gmod tower! i have over 100 hours of game time : D do you ever remember playing a brand new game and when you play you feel a bit like a noob? like you have to get all the achievments? a start to a great journey? i miss those days when i first played gmod tower i still remember the achievement where you fall from top of the tower and the one with the theater on the moon… i met many friends playing that game and i dont regret most of that time playing (some i do because i was lonely that one day) and i am extremely excited for tower unite WHEN its made and i say WHEN because i know its such a great game that it will make the goal for the indigogo campaign

i think i got way off topic a bit but its your fault for reading this far if you didnt like it lolz
anyways a few things about me

I like long walks on the beach
i like romantic dinners
i do some cooking
i think there should be more girl gamers and i smile each time i see one
and i think i say things in introductions like im making a dating profile by mistake XD (not on mistake im just joking around)
sorry if im making this extremely long and it doesnt have alot to do about me but if you dont like it dont read it!
i also do very stupid jokes

i better stop now or it will never end

Love Blaze
(for any ladies out there wondering yes i am single) and there goes another joke XD
(for any people wondering i did not make my name because of Blaze420 i made the name when i was making a mc account and decided to name myself Blaze127 but some jerk stole that name so i did Blaze027 and did not have a single thought of blaze420 SO DONT CALL ME THAT) lol as i type that ik people will call me that in the replies

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Hello there Blaze420, nice to hear your hype for Tower Unite

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hll blz027, nc t s [you: Wow this word has no consonants]
(Hello Blaze027, nice to see you.)

Thank god English does not use an abjad, or it’d be really messed up.

Hi Blaze! Welcome to the forums! I have seen you here around a bit.