blakeman1 returning!

Hello all who are new to Tower Unite or anyone from GMod Tower! I’m super pumped to meet everyone on the forums and in-game (if we make it). Yesterday I wanted to get the early bird perk which, at the time, had only 6 people. It was super late and I’m like “I’ll do it tomorrow!” Looks like a lot of people wanted it to, so I had to go with the $20. Not what I hoped for but hey, closer to our goal!

I have been playing GMod Tower for a bit now and I’m a proud VIP. I’m so glad I can support these awesome guys like Mac! Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and I hope to see everyone in game. Happy gaming! :grinning: <-- Cool Android emojis


you know it :sunglasses:

also welcome to the forums! glad to have you here!

Welcome to the forums! It’s great to see you’ve donated to the indiegogo, and yes, the emojies are cool :smirk:

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Welcome, Blakeman1. Glad to have you and thanks for backing us!

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Gotta admit i love the emoji’s too especially this one :stuck_out_tongue: <----