Black screen crash

So my brother recently got tower unite and it won’t launch. It will show the splash art then go to a black screen then crash to desktop. No text box, no message, nothing. I can’t find the dump that would be located in the files. We have reinstalled we have verified the caches and we have disabled the overlay nothing works. So im starting to think it’s the engine because it used to run when i used his laptop when mine broke. So im at a loss so if anyone can help please do. Thanks

specs, dxdiag line?

I don’t know what a dxdiag line is but his specs are
Processor: intel® pentium® cpu n5200 @ 1.10ghz 1.10 ghz
Installed ram 4.00gb (3.87gb usable
System type 64 bit os x64 based processor

It may not be all because i just went to about in the settings tab. And sorry for the late response he wasn’t home and i didn’t want to disturb his laptop

Nvm i just got a response from the steam community saying its probably best to get a new pc

okay because i was about to say that the pc doesn’t meet the requirements