Birthday Items?

My brothers 18th birthday is on the 18th of August and I am having trouble decorating my condo suitable enough to hold a birthday party. I was hoping you could add in colourable balloons and streamers, giftable presents that actually open and even a birthday cake in which you type your friend’s name and they are the one who gets the option to blow out the candles. I know it is a long shot to think you could do this in five days but I thought I would test my luck. I would just go visit him for his 18th but he lives more than 12 hours away and I can’t afford to spend that much money getting to him. On a similar topic, I can’t get the fog machine to work outside and the fog isn’t nearly as thick as i’d like it. (I am trying to set up a dancefloor. Thank you!

if you want to do a special condo for your brothers birthday then create one with canvas items. for example use canvas statue with an image of a balloon and make a few canvas cubes with a present texture. plus you can add some fireworks or other stuff. if you need money. just play minigolf or other minigames a few times and youll get over 50k units.

I think they wont and / or cant that in 5 days just for a few items which you suggest. they have much work to do. but the idea with the cake is not bad.

They added beer kegs, no need for anything else.


I wish TU would let you enter your birthday and give you something special when it comes around


Or Christmas presents (because people can change the date of the birthday)

lock it then?

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meh, not a good idea imo

I think the idea of birthday items is a good one, however it should be something added in when we get the holiday themed stuff in. If there were one big update that could add all the stuff that you would typically have for seasonal parties, that would be interesting.

or let people change their birthdays (which makes no sense it should lock after you set it) but if they change it they can’t get a present that year. :^)

Birthday items should be for sale at the Celebrations store and not just given once per year… some people would like to build parties in their condos, so having generic “party” items for sale year round would suffice for all the different party reasons, including Birthday parties. Given that it’s a store designed for purchasing party equipment, having an absence of some items just for the sake of having an exclusive catalogue with availability that differs from person to person does not make sense in the slightest.

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This is a good idea!

Theres a reason that we have the celebrations store :slight_smile: