Billiards Is Unplayable

I know I’m not the only person to report this, but at this point, billiards is barely playable. Will hit a ball and the game completely ignores it, balls will sit on top of the hole after being hit in, other times, it completely ignores the ball i hit in and scratches the shot, and then teleports the balls all around the table. Glad to finally have the billiards option available, but at this point, it needs a lot of work, just a little infuriating to play.

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We are aware and have been working on it and making bug fixes. Our next update addresses several of these issues, such as:

  • Resolved: Balls getting pocketed but not actually falling into the hole
  • Addressing ball desync (where you try to hit a ball, but it wasn’t actually where it visually is)
  • Resolved: Balls sometimes going off the table
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also there are delays with the balls, like i will hit a big pile and 5 secs later without touching anything a ball will move randomly