Billiard/pool bug

Billiard Tables bug when pocketing 8ball

Steps to Reproduce

When pocketing the 8ball on the first shot (i’ve managed to do this multiple times now), you’ll get this issue.

What I expected to happen

That the game ends in the short pace it does normally, and informs the other users the game ended.

What happened

When the 8 ball gets pocketed on the very first shot, the other player in the game does not get notified that the game has ended, and just see it as me not taking my turn for the entire 30 second duration. they also do get notified i pocketed the 8 ball (although this might be my friend not noticing it was said, but adding for good measure)

It’s a bit of an obscure bug, but i’ve managed to do it thrice in a row.

Update, tried it in Solo now, and you have to also wait the full 30 second delay, but it does not show the countdown like it does in multiplayer.

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