Big Kids' Night at the Arcade

So this suggestion is kind of a temporary merging of the Arcade and Casino.

Real arcades probably aren’t too busy on weekdays, right? The demographics that the places are aimed at are usually in school, or doing homework. I’d figure the worst day is probably Tuesday or Wednesday. So about halfway through every server nighttime until every server dawn on real-life Tuesdays or Wednesdays (detected by the server via a time and date function from the AGC, perhaps? Sorry to send you back to AGC coding, Zak : ) ) the arcade machines could switch payout from tickets to casino chips which you could then take across to the Casino and cash in, or use in poker as your starting bid so you don’t have to fish out Units.

A popup would happen saying something like “Big Kids’ Night is starting in the Arcade! Play games for chips instead of tickets!” when the event starts, and something like “Big Kids’ Night is over, thanks for playing!” when it’s over. Obviously the payouts would scale down to accommodate the value of the replacement payout type, so it’s not massively easier to Get Rich Quick by going to the Arcade on Big Kids’ Nights as opposed to the Casino. If it’s on a non-PixelTail server, where the AGC currently isn’t activated, or if the AGC goes down, then the Big Kids’ Night stops happening and chip payouts go back to ticket payouts until AGC connectivity is restored-- even if that means stopping the event in the middle of it.

In case you’re wondering, the name has to do with the fact that arcades can’t allow gambling for children, but adults are allowed to gamble, and adults could just be considered “big kids,” and children are an arcade’s prime customer base.

I think it could be a nice way to get the Arcade a bit more traffic from people who would prefer to stay in the Casino and make money under normal circumstances. Plus, I personally find poker difficult and boring, and the slot machines just kinda repetitive. Not to say that’s PixelTail’s fault, I think it’s a consequence of the concept. Regardless, I’d prefer to stay in the Arcade and play games there to earn money, if I’m not going to play any other lobby activities or any gameworlds, even just for a bit.

I don’t see the point of this.


Just to give people more options to gamble, but avoid overshadowing the Casino.

I still don’t see the point of this.

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I think you’re confusing “point” and “practical use”. It doesn’t really have a practical use, but then, the Arcade itself doesn’t have a practical use. It’s just something I would enjoy seeing and would gladly participate in.

Wouldn’t the practical use of the arcade be to have fun?

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Yes. And the practical use of this is to have fun.

I thought it was to use credits instead of tickets.

No, it adds more fun to gambling by turning the tickets that you win from the Arcade games and can spend at the prize counter into chips that you can use in the Casino. Unless I’m misunderstanding how the Arcade is going to work.

I understand now. (just a little bit, but it’s better than no idea)

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