Betting on other things beside Casino

I think we already know this will be implemented in 1v1 duels, but How about something for Game Worlds?

For Game Worlds:
If there are enough players that betted in the game,
There can be like a prizepool or just doubling or tripling.
The server owners can decide to change that in their configs, by Default, It’s just rewards for participation and tasks.
Or I had this idea where
1st place gets 2x or 3x their money,
2nd is 1.5 or 2x.
3rd is 1x or 1.5x (Basically you got your money back.)
4th: 0.5x? (Basically you lost half your money)

And Trivia:
I guess it would be a prize pool by default But it’s the server owners choice, not sure how doubling or tripling your money in Trivia would work out.

Again, It would be rewards by default.
The more people bet, the higher it is.
So whoever is 1st will get all the money.

Q: Will servers change the multipliers and how prize pools work?
A: No, It will be based on the Dev Team’s perspective what to give.

Q: How would Minigolf would work?
A: Simple, At the end of the game, It will say who’s 1st to last.

Q: Virus?
A: That is for the Dev Team to decide I guess. I kind of assumed how it would go, Based on How much the player survived, killed, and infected.

Q: Ball Race?
A: This is however based whoever finished First, If they skipped to the next level because of everyone in the game failing twice, Then I guess it’s actually based on how far they can get.

Q: And the final gamemode I would talk about is Accelerate. So how does it work in Accelerate?
A: Depending how much to add up for 1st and 2nd and 3rd place ranks.
How my system would work is 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 and 3rd place is just 1. I haven’t watched alot on Accelerate but if I played with Accelerate if it was finished, not like as in Work in Progress Gamemodes that is playable. I think it does have like a Mario Kart Battle like feature after the races, Battles will be depending on how much players you hit. Not sure how Battle points are worth.

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There is a possibility that the host will turn off the game if he in last place.
I have a better idea, so that players can bet before the game (let’s say 500 units) in golf. Then between the top 3 prize pool will be distributed (50%, 35%, 15%). This type of game should be performed on the server side and does not depend on the output of the host. This does not cancel the issuance of units at the end of each level, only the top three will share the prize pool.