Better map voting

I’m sure most of you have been in a situation like this. You’re voting for a ballrace map. You and 2 others voted for skyworld, 4 people voted for memories, and 3 people voted for other grassworld. Sucks right? 6 of you voted for something else, but memories won with 4 votes. A majority of you are stuck playing on a map you didn’t vote for. Sure, you might like memories, but let’s say the 6 of you hate it. You’re going to be annoyed all game.

This is what I’m suggesting.

When the voting starts you can vote for any and as many maps as you’d like to. This will allow you to vote for all of the maps you’d be okay with playing on, not just a single map. The map will be far more likely to be one that everyone is happy with.

So let’s go over that example again with this better voting system.
You like cloudworld and iceworld, so you vote for those.
The other 2 that voted for cloudworld before too vote for cloudworld, grassworld, and iceworld
2 of the people that voted for moon before vote memories and iceworld.
The other 2 vote for memories, and cloudworld.
the 3 that voted for grassworld before vote for grassworld, and iceworld.

Now let’s count the votes.
Cloudworld: 5
Iceworld: 8
Grassworld: 5
Memories: 4

Iceworld wins this time. Sure the 2 that didn’t vote for it might not like it. But this was an example of how it could go and at least this time a majority of the people are happy with what was chosen.
This could also get the less played maps played more often.

Here’s a video that explains this better than I did.

TL;DR vote for all the maps you’re okay with. Instead of a single map. More people are happy, maybe even less overplaying of maps too.

In the most recent dev stream the map voting is now a random draw using each votes as an entry to be chosen. I think this is plain terrible. The map that is played should only be the one with the majority of the votes.


Interesting… I like it!!! :grin:

Yay!! CGP Grey. I thought i was the only weird nerd who loved him :blush:

I was just about to post my idea but then found this thread. My idea would be to let everyone choose and then it picks a random from all the chosen ones. For example: if there is a group of 10 people voting and 3 pick Paradise there would be 30% chance the outcome is Paradise, if 6 people choose Memories there would be 60% chance the outcome is Memories.

I got this idea from mario kart wii:

I’m pretty sure that’s how voting works currently…

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Ok, good.