Best way to earn Units?

I am curious about the best way to earn Units. I normally just play Ball Run on Galaxy or minigolf.

There’s plenty of threads about this, but I find that if you find a friend who doesn’t care about units, you can run a ballrace map and collect all the melons while he just finishes or dies or something.

Playing GLXY or Nimbus a lot without dying is a great way to earn units. You can earn around 2k in about 5 to 10 minutes depending on how good you are. The only thing I don’t like about farming this is way is that it can become boring playing the same maps over and over again.

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If you play Nimbus fast with no deaths then you can get 1250 units every 3 minutes, it’s the fastest method of grinding for units all by yourself as far as I am aware.

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Gardens in minigolf if you’re good at it. It has the most hole in one shots out of all the maps. :golf:

As of right now, Nimbus ballrace on solo gives out most of the cash.
2nd fastest being GLXY, once your reach first on most of the stages.