Best bait to use from the shore?

I haven’t had time to purchase any squid, mackerel, etc. and there are no worms on the beach that I want to fish (at least not in any useful quantity). Are things like chicken and cows’ liver any good, or am I ok to use lures of any sort? Thanks

I’m… very confused by this post. As far as I know, NONE of those things are in the game as bait. Are you suggesting they be added?

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currently you’re only able to purchase a single type of fishing rod , and 10 types of bait . you aren’t able to “find” bait along the beaches , instead you’ll have to buy them . you can find these at the “gone fishin’ bait shop” near the ferris wheel on the boardwalk .

these baits include:

meatball - attracts small fish only , 50U
minnow - attracts bigger fish , 100U
clump - attracts small fish and fish with items inside them , 100U
gummy worm - attracts big and small fish , 150U
worm - attracts big and small fish with a chance of rare fish , 200U
maggot - attracts big fish and fish with items inside them , 250U
magnet - attracts only fish with items inside of them , 300U
curly grub - attracts fish with items inside of them and rare fish with a chance for rarer items inside of them , 500U
mighty ball - attracts all fish (small fish, large fish, rare fish, fish with items inside of them, and rare fish with a chance for rarer items inside of them) , 750U
lure - lasts forever, but only attracts some fish and no rare fish , 30,000U

each time you catch a fish , you lose one of the bait that you used to fish with , so you’ll have to buy multiple (excluding the lure as it lasts forever)

i think the “best” bait will change depending on what you’re going for , for example the curly grub is best for fishing up rare items , whereas if you want to only fish up fish i like to use the worm

i’m not sure if you’re wanting to suggest those things you brought up in your post & i was a little confused as this was in the suggestions category for suggesting ideas to the developers , but i hope what i said is able to help you !

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idk to me it reads like this guy’s asking for irl fishing suggestions and somehow found his way onto this forum without knowing what it is.


That is possibly the funniest thing that this could be


That’s almost certainly what it has to be.

i felt like it would be nice to give actual pointers from the game on the chance that they actually were talking about it …