Belgo's House (WIP) (picture-heavy)

Because this section needs more House showcases and I’m here to open the way :yum:
The WIP tag is here because even though I’m mostly done with the interior and the street, the layout will soon change and I still have to figure something out for the backyard. Anyway, enjoy the tour!

(I can’t change the texture of those two white walls. Also barrel of water, what if I invite kids over to my place)

(credits to @Jordan for the poster)

(the window frame is hiding the extinguisher, gj me)

Also bonus functional chimneys


Pretty nice house. I’m trying to save up for the condo and re-make my RC racing track from my original condo. It’s just hard getting the money as no one is ever on any of the minigames so you earn less money. (Ball Race & Virus)


Looks pretty nice! Good use of the small rooms
Glad to see my Catsack painting still gets a kick from people! :new_moon_with_face:

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