Belgo's Condo (PICTURE-HEAVY)

DISCLAIMER: my Condo is still largely a work-in-progress, and so far isn’t as original as most of the other Condos (although that’s a subjective statement). Please don’t judge too hard :frowning:
To prove that I’m working on it, here’s my very professional roadmap with lots of equally professional notes:

Anyway, here are a few screenshots!

The Beach

The Deck

Condo - Hall

Condo - Rooms


I like your plan and what you currently have done. Can’t wait to see it finished!

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I noticed I didn’t post any screenshots from the music room. Let me fix that


Hey, I did some stuff in my condo again!

First of, I finished my bedroom! (kinda)

(protip: canvases of Korean webcomics make everything prettier)
This may look like not much was added, buy there’s around 60,000 Units of difference between that and the previous bedroom :frowning: . You can also notice I’m getting ideas for the master closet.

Lots of other stuff, including ceiling fans, velvet ropes and canvases, have been added in order to make the condo a bit nicer. I’ve also colored all the hall walls in a light beige, you can see the difference between the first and second picture of the Condo - Hall photoset (kudos to ✿Suburban✿ for the advice). Check the first post for that.

Next up on my to-do list:

  • finish the Basement by turning it into some sort of functional office
  • put stuff in the Master Closet
  • add a few things in the Hall to make it more ‘complete’
  • work on the roof (tho maybe I’ll wait for the condo roof update thing)

Stay tuned for more questionable decorating tastes everyone :raising_hand:


Back from the dead and reporting for duty :raised_hands:

I have reworked some parts of the Condo because I figured some stuff looked off compared to my general style. As such, I have redecorated:

And plenty of other details, including:

Also, this attempt at building:

It’s supposed to be a shop where a variety of items would be placed “for sale”. I gave up on the idea for now because the panels are not aligned, the floor isn’t flat at all and grid snapping will come out very soon, so why bother :expressionless:

First post has been updated with pictures featuring the changes. I’m currently collecting money to get done with the Master Closet (which is still empty but I finally have an idea) and for the Casino. Work on the outside will wait for the

See ya for the next update!


Do I see a rose quartz? ROSE, WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THAT

oh my god is that an update

Hey people, I’ve “”"""“improved”""""" my Condo again, let’s see what’s new!

The Master Closet
I finally figured out a use for it! Check this out!

Yep, it’s the obligatory Meme Room, with the equally obligatory potato peeling corner.

The Rooftop
Now this. I had a hard time thinking of a proper layout for the roof, but I somehow managed to do something alright I guess?

A view of the rooftop. From left to right: some sort of lounge-thing I’m currently working on, a restaurant that looks way too out of place from this angle, and a cute little park with hot tubs.

Some pictures from inside the “lounge”. I still have to work on decorating the first room and fixing a few panels, but the idea is there. Credits to Socks and Green Giant for showing me actual textures for the glass walls :thumbsup:

The restaurant. Bonus perfect shadows because I tampered with the sun angle like the pleb I am lolz

The park. If you look closely you’ll notice that the fountain makes bubbles, because I placed a Bubble Machine in it.

I’ll update the first post in order to show all the texture/furniture adjustements I made since the, so look out for all the pictures from the, and see you next update, maybe I’ll finally bother building something on the beach :expressionless:

EDIT: I can’t edit the first post for some reason, looks like I’ll have to post everything here too xD
Here goes!



(art by @bromhamsam for all the Catsack-related canvases)

(for some reason this canvas ALWAYS fails to load no matter what I put in it)


nice shoes
I mean condo

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