Being dropped from server, Lose all tickets that were not picked up

The server will randomly drop me (I have a stable ethernet connection), and if I do not pick up my tickets before the server drops me, I lose EVERYTHING that was on the floor.
I have easily lost over 150k tickets to this issue, especially with the 2x tickets event being active.

What I expected to happen

Don’t know why the server is dropping me randomly, but I expect the tickets to at least auto-redeem upon disconnect.

This isn’t a bug.

However, in the next hotfix tickets will be auto redeemed after 10 seconds.

Do you know which server was dropping you?

I just got dropped twice recently from West 4. I wasn’t sure when the first drop was, but the second one seemed to happen when the treasure washing up event started.

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It happened again on West 3. The treasure event didn’t start yet, so probably not that.
The last thing I did was intentionally drop a ball from the Bird Seed arcade game away from the game.

Same server, same machine, though this time I did not throw balls outside the machine.
Got dropped randomly around 18 minutes later.

Edit 2:
Same exact circumstances, though this time around 16-17 minutes later.

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probably last time i’m updating on this unless you end up needing more.

I stayed away from the arcade for a while and I did not get disconnected for the half hour I was on.

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Alright, I was gonna stop updating but I am like 90% certain that the drops are related to the bird seed arcade game.
I have hung around the lobby for over half an hour and didn’t get kicked.
I have played the Whirl-a-fish arcade game for like 16 minutes and didn’t get kicked.
The ONLY times I have been kicked are when I am actively using the bird seed game. Doesn’t matter which server I use (I only used the West servers so far).