Beelzebubs Hate Him, The Road to Bones

I figure I shoulda posted this earlier in the event but I was challenged by a friend of mine to collect not 1 but 2 thousand remains from this year’s Halloween event and I’ll be posting updates every so often on milestone numbers etc etc. In the end I’ll also post what you get for offering 2000 remains to the cauldron so until then happy hunting and enjoy the Halloween update everyone.

This is where we’re currently at:


Well we hit our first milestone, 500 remains. Let’s just hope the servers stay up in order to keep getting them!


do better :slight_smile:

I will do better because we’re already half way there! I said I was going to use them when I got to 2k but i’m starting to wonder what I should do with them.

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Sorry it took so long to get to the next milestone I became a little lazy but don’t worry we’re gonna get there!


Well guys we did it, 2000 remains, but now I ask.

What do I do with them


2000 cursed remains opening (gone sexual)