Because they never got pushed to the forums, Update notes

Hey everyone, we’ve made some great progress on fixing crashes and server connection issues. We’re pushing out an update now.

Recent fixes:

  • Fixed Lobby servers reportedly being full when they aren’t
  • Fixed Lobby dedicated server “Fatal error” crash
  • Fixed Condo wall customizations not being properly networked to players on join
  • Fixed Virus weapons sometimes being invisible on first spawn
  • Fixed game stutter when first opening the pause menu
  • Ended Steam auth connections if the player failed to fully connect
  • Fixed Planet Panic kill/deaths being reversed
  • Fixed equippables being able to be spawned in-world by dragging
  • Fixed microwave not showing up on the store
  • Fixed Minigolf Altitude Hole 7 moving platform getting players stuck sometimes
  • Fixed a spelling error with ‘vinly’ :wink:


  • Minigolf scores now sorts scores properly on the scoreboard
  • Added player count to the Lobby scoreboard
  • Reduced the minimum required players to queue up for Minigolf and Ball Race
  • Updated backer credit list
  • Lowered volume of payout and equip/reload sounds
  • Temporarily disabled Condo and Plaza tutorial videos due to potential crashes

What we’re actively working (continued from the last update):

  • Condo lobby doors not being properly linked to player Condos
  • Difficult to interact with items while in third person
  • 3D voice chat
  • Voice receive volume setting
  • Mouse sensitivity, mouse invert options
  • Key binding
  • Waiting for confirmation on resolution set