Bear Inmind's Custom & Hi Res TU Badges

Yeah, it does a little. :slight_smile:

Another holo variant, this time with a star pattern.
Holographic (2)


The star holo and this one are my favorites.
Psychedelic (7)
They have a such a great design! :smiley:

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Two more psychedelic badges:-

The first one’s from part of my desktop wallpapers.
Psychedelic (10)
Psychedelic (11)

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Animated them, they use 36 frames in total.
Trippy Badge
Trippy Badge 2

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Who says you need an animated GIF (or whatever) to make it animated? This particular one gives off the illusion that it is animated.
Psychedelic (12)


Funny, I feel like it’s pulling me in. No joke. XD

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Had to use the template twice to make this one stand out.
Anyway, here’s another collection for my psychedelic badges.
Psychedelic (13)

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What do you mean? You already made the national Furry flag last post!

They mean that they made that “national Flas of Furries” badge whereas I made the other one which is actually the flag of Wales.

yeah, that- that’s the joke.

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Oh, alright, nvm then. lol

Two more badges that I have done. One for pride and one random one.
Bear Pride:-


  • Would probably look better with the Virus icon.
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:biohazard: The infected win! :biohazard:

  • You may use this in your condo (or whatever), but please give me credit if you do so. :slight_smile:
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Made a redraw for my dragonsona. DM me because I have an avatar picture to go with it.

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The flag of Lincolnshire.
Flag of Lincolnshire

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Happy 25th Birthday, Spyro the Dragon! You’re the Best Dragon in Gaming :purple_heart: :dragon:

Spyro the Dragon Custom Tower Unite Badge


What about emerald variant of badges, with romb figure? for 2Million EXP >:)

Emerald variant with romb figure (requested)

Romb (emerald)

  • Please take into account that this is the very first emerald badge I have done and the design could change in the future.
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Autism Acceptance; I prefer the rainbow loop rather than the blue jigsaw.

Autism Acceptance Custom Tower Unite Badge