Be very careful in GTA:O public sessions for a while

Cheaters have found a new method to ruin the game: Instead of raining money, they have found a way to take money away from your account and force you into Bad Sport lobbies. The way this works is by spawning Luxor/Swift Deluxes above you, marking it as theirs, making you explode it, then you pay them the money through insurance.

If this happens, kill your GTA with Task Manager so it doesn’t save to R* servers. Stay frosty.

That’s pretty smart.

That sucks. I miss when GTA:O hackers did fun stuff, like strap windmills and Christmas trees to everyone whilst 20 clones ran away from you. Now, it’s just assholes.

I gave up on that game a long time ago. Its community is pure hateful cancer.

Modding online used to be so sincere and harmless, now it seems like all mods do is provide griefing tools. Shame.