Be In Official Tower Unite Screenshots and Videos!

We’re looking for people to cameo in official Tower Unite screenshots and videos, mainly for a new Trailer that’s in the works and the screenshots on the Steam page. If you want some bragging rights, turn on notifications for this thread and stay tuned for the Plaza we’ll be heading to. Then just come along and follow my instructions, I guess!

It’ll be on an EU server on Thursday 23rd January at 8PM onwards, UK time.

Some quick deets:

  • I’ll be taking photos and videos of random parts of the game - mainly to update the current screenshots on the Steam page.
  • Workshop models need to be off - I’ll have Workshop models turned off in my settings, but you guys should keep that in mind too. Use default human models, skeletons, etc.
  • Please avoid text hats, and ideally show off some hats, glasses, pool tubes, etc.
  • If your Steam name or avatar is weird, please change them if you plan on taking part.

Will you specify which EU server?

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Oh boy, I am ready

I will on the day, it depends on stuff like player counts.

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too bad thats the day i have to be a busy businessman with busy business that i will be doing at the time, when i am finished with the busy businessman business stuff i wont have energy to come on :frowning:

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Dang, it’ll be like 12 PM for me and I’ll be in school when that time comes. :frowning:

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I’ll have to make sure that I and all my wings will join.

Count me in Nath.

define ‘weird’ avatars and names. For example, would mine be considered weird? Would they need to be original or at least free from copyright? If so I’d need to prepare something beforehand.

I sure weird just means something that isn’t inappropriate or offensive.
I doubt copyright would be a problem 'cause it’s just users in-game and not game content, but @ThisIsntNath would be better off just confirming that anyway.

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However this will be used to advertise the game, so legally there may be a difference, for instance why would workshop models be banned but images from other properties be allowed? It’s unlikely player names will even appear, but still.

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I guess, but even then I find it unlikely that it could be enforced very well if it is the case because random people could just show up anyway. I’d personally just censor names/avatars if it was going to be for an official promotional trailer tbf.


Censoring these could be an option I suppose.

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Yeah, exactly this.

This is for stuff like Trivia and Typing Derby, where names show up right in front of the player.

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I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for Cameo shots. Count Me in!

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Alright, one hour until we begin! We’ll be on EU London 2. Meet me at Poseidon, I’ll be guiding everyone through the text chat.


  • Please avoid too many pets, one or two per player at max.
  • Workshop models will be disabled, switch to a default model and show off some hats, rings, etc!
  • Remove text hats!
  • No inappropriate avatars or names, please!
  • Don’t spam fireworks or weapons.
  • This may take a while…

Can’t wait

Does this also include flying pets?


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That was hella fun. Gotta make sure to join the game night as well.

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