Be careful! Tiny Potion can be used to invade privacy

I’m pretty sure at least some of you guys know this, be watchful of your visitors if they have a tiny potion.
Spolier alert: they can see though walls.
All they have to do is walk up to a wall and poof. :open_mouth:

Some examples:

Not even blocking a path with a fridge will keep those eyes away from your canvases.
So yeah, be watchful of your visitors. :smiling_imp:

#Hey devs if you see this
it would be pretty awesome if the tiny potion had some kind of nerf if you know what I mean.


Shouldn’t this be a Bug Report?

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I fixed it. My bad.

Yes, now I can finally get photographic evidence of the Lovecraftian shrine in my neighbors basement!

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oh shit better change them hentai pics in my condo then jk

A similar thing can be done by jetpacking into the roof of a condo and then crouching. (don’t know if that has been specifically stated yet in another forum thread)

This is why I forbid Tiny players from entering my condo.