Battle round in Ball Race!

How awesome would a battle round in Ball Race be? This round would take place at the end of all the courses in it’s own arena. Basically, player collision would be enabled and the goal would be to bounce each other off of the arena. There would be traps from the actual map too (like the pulling traps) to help you gain an edge. Last ball standing wins.


So it’s like everyone is a rolling bumper? Sounds really cool!

there is already bumper cars in the lobby, but doing it in ball race isn’t that bad :3 we’ll see what the devs think about it XP

Yeah good point. Maybe the arena could be like rocket league? Where someones in the ball, and the cars are trying to hit them around.

Well it would be a good idea, though I don’t really see the point to have someone in the ball then, he is just gonna escape or be harrased by other players, UNLESS the goal is:
-We are in a arena, all players start in their balls and One is randomly chosen to be a cube, the player in the cube moves slower due to the flat faces he gained
-the rest of the players are separated in two teams, one has to help the cube to reach a line while the others has to prevent them to reach the goal
-once the cube reach the line, the “offensive” team win, if the cube have been pushed in the emptiness or haven’t reached the line in time, the “defensive” team win, then another player is selected to be the cube in the next round and the others switch teams (those who haven’t turned into a cube who pushed now protect the line and vise-versa)

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I totally forgot about bumper cars, lol. But I was thinking this would be more like the battle round in Source Karts.

I really think this would be quite cool, kinda like sumo. Another small thing that would be cool to add to it, is different hitboxes for different ball types rather than the ball types being entirely cosmetic, but then I guess, everyone would just go with the same ball type. :neutral_face:

at the same time, if one ball type had more advantages than another, it would pull the fun out, I think it would be interesting depend of the gameplay but otherwhise, Cosmetic balls are already good enough

So, what if let people to choose? You finished the main part of Ball Race and the game asks “Want a super game?” And then, if you said Yes you have to fight the people who said Yes too. First 3 places earn more Units. Maybe like: (Units you earned*how much people you killed or injured)/how much you died. Or another expression. It would be the good way of earning as well as losing Units because your death rate can be more than kills.

I remember some of the Ball Race maps in GMT having bonus areas where you just collect a bunch of bananas.
Instead of that, maybe this could take its place.
This sounds really similar to the Mario Party mini-game where you bounce each other off a circular platform, and I want it.

Well, this would work like Source Karts, where you would have to battle regardless.

Or you could have both and have it be random. Like in 1 match you play you could play the one where you collect a bunch of bananas and if you play another match you could play the battle round in Ball Race.

What if we mashed both together? Collect as many fruits as you can in the time limit. At the end of the round, bonus fruit are handed out evenly… to all surviving players. Therefore, if you kill others, you get a bigger bonus at the end. On top of that, put higher paying fruits in riskier locations (edges, trap areas, etc.) and watch as chaos ensues.


But the fruit arena’s aren’t really designed for battling. It would get chaotic very quickly.

What’s wrong with a bit of chaos every now and again?
Ball Race has always been kind of… slow to me. Which is ironic because you’re “racing”.

It’s just that collecting fruits and trying to survive being pushed off wouldn’t be that much fun.

Wouldn’t it?
I think it would.


Perhaps the battle round can be activated as a Mutator?

I’m not always up for PvP so I’d rather it be something that is chosen (like a mutator).

Sound like a fun idea for when I am in the mood for it though.

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