Basic dummy playermodel for disabled workshop playermodels

I often disable workshop playermodels specifically to help reduce lag and to increase framerate. However the downside is everyone is the last default playermodel they selected prior to using a workshop model. Most players appear as an all white female most of the time because of this.

Another downside to this is workshop models come in different sizes, so if you disable the workshop model that person just appears as a big or small version to match the height instead of matching the body type, aswell as hat offsets occasionally using the workshops offsets instead of their current default model.

Basically: It looks jank.

So why not replace the default model with a “temp workshop model in use” kind of playermodel like a basic crash test dummy type of playermodel that can bend and stretch to usually fit that workshop models dimensions.

And to help add variety the playermodel or parts of the playermodel can have a random chosen (or manually picked?) color. That or it just follows one of the color options on your default model.