Barber Shop/Plastic Surgeon

Well, I know character customization is a thing, but I believe it should be more like Saints Row, where you can go into a plastic surgeon and re-customize your character, along with a barber shop to change your hair. I love the immersiveness of this, but standard character customization would do the same thing pretty much. It should be one of the new shops on the boardwalk, maybe.

EDIT: Found out barber shop has already been suggested.

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Having a plastic surgeon feels like a strech.


Lil bit. All it really is though is just you pay a small bit of money and you get to recustomize your character.

Dat pun dough

As a fan of the saints row series, I would love this tie in.

We’re just gonna let you change whenever you want for free through the appearance editor. I mean I get the idea behind having areas to change specific parts of your look, but we want it to be easy to change your hair/body/clothing without hassle and we’d rather put more time into creating activities than places for customization immersion.