Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for not banning the person above you


Banned for subjecting yourself to BibleThumps.


Banned for not being Agent2584


Banned for upping a number.


Banned because I have no clue what your profile picture is or what it’s based on.


Banned for forgetting about White Diamond.


Banned because “what the FUCK is a white diamond?!?!?”

Really, I don’t know, Steven universe thing?


Banned for swearing
Don’t say bad word, mkay?


Banned because I can swear as much as I fucking want to.

Unless it’s actually against the rules, I don’t want this game to become real suddenly.


Banned because what the shoot did you say to me you gummyworm


Banned for calling me a gummyworm, do you not know that “gummyworm” is the ultimate insult?


Banned for eating the gummy worm.


banned for not consuming w o r m


banned for


banned for not giving a reason for previous ban




banned because FOR WHAT?

don’t take that seriously


Banned because you were banned for having a spooky profile picture.


banned for being a spooky entity


Banned because I don’t ever really try to be spooky, i’m not good at it, and I have more productive things to do.