Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for Brainwashing,


Banned because my brain was just dirty

oh wait that sounds weird


Banned for thinking about a Heart Shaped Box


Banned for reading my mind, also why are you thinking about reading this text


banned because im unsure if you’re on about nirvana heart shaped box, or just a normal heart shaped box


Banned for being unsure


Banned for being unsure about this Heart shaped Box.


banned for capitalizing heart


Banned for not capitalizing the first letter of your sentence.


banned for period


Banned for being on a period


Banned because, you need to be PG otherwise someone is going to come around and say "EWWWW HAHAHA he said PERIOD, Thats a girl thing, HAHA EWWWWW"


banned for meddling in the affairs of higher beings the likes of which you do not understand


Banned because u just got nae naed :rofl::facepunch:


banned for punching.


The [B]erson a[B]ove got [B]anned cuz I just nae naed :fire::joy::fire:


:b: anned for :b:anning a :b:erson :b:ut not :b:using the right :b: my :b:


banned for calling me a girl


Banned for assuming ones gender.


banned for thinking i did