Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for being an unfestive Grinch


Banned for being a festivized and not a festive, don’t get scammed!


Banned for TF2.


Banned for not TF2


Banned for tea for 2


banned for having tea


Banned for not having a nice cuppa tea guvnor?


Banned for turning koopa into tea


Banned because the koopa kids are annoying


Banned because you don’t know how bad Wendy is in the animated series. She’s a Brat.


Banned because why did we go from tea to koopa kids


Banned because you brought them up in the first place.

What is this? “New Super TU forums 86”?

Get it? It’s a joke about the uncreative NSMB games that only use the koopa kids as bosses, rather then something more interesting? lol xd funi joke


Banned because Spydermann brought them up first!


Banned because he didn’t mention the koopa kids specifically, for all we know, he could have been referring to the generic koopa enemy, or something completely unrelated to mayro.


Banned for being correct on the enemy part, no facts allowed!


Banned for not spelling spider right


Banned for not spacing taco salad


Banned for not spacing spydermann


Banned for not spacing Spyder mann


Banned for reckless banning