Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for NO


Banned for YES


Banned for MAYBE


Ban has been lifted to celebrate opposite day


Unbanned for doing the rules correctly


Banned for doing the rules incorrectly


Banned because it’s opposite day


Banned because there is no such thing as opposite day.


Banned because theres a hotdog day :hotdog:


Banned for not choosing the superior holiday of dead duck day


Banned for choosing such an inferior holiday. As a true holidayismismist myself I declare that fly on a can of beans day is obviously superior.


Banned for all this talk about beans and not remembering that those beans can help the poor.


Banned for letting the ducks steal my beans


Beaned for not keeping your banned on a high shelf, far from ducks


Beaned for being beaned
Billedresultat for you have been beaned


beaned beaned


Banned for being in the wrong game bean boy


Banned for going into the future to see that I was gonna use the beaned image


Banned for Padparadscha Syndrome aka predicting things that already happened.


Banned because What in tarnation is that word