Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned because you can’t be Winston.


Banned because you should have got for the head.


Banned because it’s Gone for the head


Banned because I don’t want a head


Banned because (what i said was not appropriate)


Banned because I am now snapping my fingers and you will all disintegrate unless you ban.


Banned for being a purple guy with a radiator on his chin.


Banned for roasting a purple raisin


Banned for even considering heating up a raisin


you’re just effing banned. >:(


Banned for saying the forbidden word :no_entry_sign:


Banned for not being spooky enough.



Banned because ghosts are illegal.


Banned for reporting me to the authorities :,(


Banned because the authorities are there to help, most of the time.


Banned for mentioning the authorities


banned because you banned me too for being the first to mention the authorities ):<


Banned for a reverse angry face.


Banned because i think someone should reply on the User VS Staff



But reverse is everything for me. My life has always been backwards.

Anyways, banned for not understanding me. ):<