Ban the member above you (A fun game)


BANNED it was awesome


banned for causing a catastrophe and confusion that day
1221? no someone already sa- we are at 1394 now wtf


Banned for losing count.


Banned because you can count. cough nerd cough


banned because counting isnt that nerdy


Banned because I hate spyders, give me a shoe and i’ll deal with you properly.


banned because i hate ants, give me a tissue and i’ll wipe out 10 of you in one squish


Banned because i’m not an ant, i’m this thing which looks like a mix between the two coolest insects a pray mantis and a grass hopper, which looks pretty awesome.


banned because i can still squish 10 with one tissue


Banned because, how could you, how would you like it if god came and squished you.


banned because an ant is the opposite of god, making it a lion too? hell no


Banned for comparing an Ant to a Lion.


banned for being agent number 2583


Banned because not being a agent


Banned because that’s not how you would say it. You should’ve said “Banned for not being an Agent.”


banned for being real estate agent


Banned because it’s free real estate


banned because no


Banned because yes


banned because