Ban the member above you (A fun game)


banned for having other stuff to do…


banned for not having other stuff to do…


banned for having a dog as your avatar.


Banned for upsetting the Doggo’s.


banned for being on the dogs site


Banned for not being on the doggo’s side


Banned for not being on the catto side


Banned because cats are lame


Banned for insulting Cats


Banned because I have 3 cats

EDIT: They are boring


Banned for not editing the post even though you said it.


Banned for making me look through the forum in school.


banned for looking n forums while in school

im doing it too.


Banned because it’s 2:15 AM for me and I have the whole week of school off because of turkeys.


Banned for not knowing that the Spanish held the first Thanksgiving in Florida a few hundred years ago, eh, you wouldn’t because the Spanish didn’t win the fight against English, and the winner writes the history books.


Banned because you knew something about the culture of the loser in a dispute. Just because the winners write the books doesn’t mean they want to omit all facts of the loser’s culture and history.


Banned because the winners probably didn’t know that Spain had a thanksgiving.


banned for having billy in your description.


Banned for not reading properly, he did not have billy in the description


Banned for no reason, I’m banning you cause I have nothing better to do