Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for possibly causing this game to die a untimely death.


Banned because this forum game is a stale meme anyway. Let it die.


Banned because Never!


Banned for not using Bold and Blur in your post, and no :new_moon_with_face: emoji.


Banned for using all of those in your post.
Also don’t New Moon!


Banned for not using Bold and Blur and :new_moon_with_face: all in one post, and for not coming up with something original… Oh wait-


Banned because you did it again


Banned because you did it


Banned because you wasted your time on a lot of other things than banning us


Banned because that’s true, i wasted time on making the spooky picture editing thread have a new picture


banned for using underscores in your username


Banned for not banning a lot. You also did not have a capital letter at the start of your sentence.


Banned for banning spree.


Banned for banning killjoy


Banned for persecuting those under your regime. It’s time I stand up against this!


Banned for taking a long time between bans.


Banned for being an agent.


Banned for making me get over 400 bans. Now I have more power than @Erickson9610 had!


Banned for banning people 400 times. Don’t you have anything better to do?


Banned for thinking I have better stuff to do…