Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for not watching a masterpiece of a track


Banned for trying to turn this game into a ghost, and somewhat succeeding.

And seriously, stop trying to revive this.


Banned for banning a billion times

And banned in advance for correcting me by saying how many times you’ve really banned

And banned again in advance for banning me for banning someone in advance

And banned in advance a third time for banning me for assuming someone will ban me for banning in advance

I win

Also, banned in advance for banning me for saying 4 bans in one post

One more, banned in advance for banning me for whatever reason

Now I win


Banned for using the spoiler filter seven times in one post.


Banned for noticing he banned multiple times


Banned because Toxic only pointed out the amount of spoilered text, not the contents of said text.


Banned for standing up for me. I don’t need your help


Banned for assuming I was standing up for you. I was standing up for Toxic, who just so happens to be the same one who banned you.


Banned because you should’ve been standing up for me, you inconsiderate twat


Banned for using such rude language. How rude!


Banned because I’m the rootinest-tootinest in the whole wild, wild east


Banned for going back to the wild west.


Banned because I said east


Banned for not going weast.


Banned because weast doesn’t exist


Banned for not knowing that Weaste is in Manchester


Banned because we’re talking about weast which doesn’t exist

Not Weaste


Banned for talking about a made up place


Banned because no one understood the reference. (And if you did, you’re still banned.)


Banned because I did know the reference, and banned again for banning me regardless of whether I knew it or not