Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for completely doing the same thing you did earlier.


Banned for

  • not ordering
  1. ordering
your lists. This simply cannot be tolerated.


Banned for
1: Blaming me for ordering,
2: Asking me to make a list
3: Making me become a hypocrite.
Suggested Sentence?: Another Ban.


Banned for making a list.


Banned for noticing the hypocrisy that @Erickson9610 started.


Banned for pinging.


Banned for ponging


Banned for starting a rally.


Banned for banning for me cause I really didn’t know how to respond to their little thing there.


Banned for possibly ruining the rally.


Banned for not attending the rally races.


Banned because I only have Trackmania United and not Trackmaina 2.


Banned because TrackMania United literally has a “Rally” environment, so you definitely could attend the rally races.


Banned for thinking I was stupid, I have played Trackmania United and played all tracks


Banned because I don’t know about Trackmania


Banned for not checking the store for Trackmania


Banned because Trackmania was one of my late childhood games


Banned because I still don’t know what Trackmania is


Banned because THIS is TrackMania:

Actually, it’s just a Press Forward map, but I like it because just look at those shenanigans!


Banned because I didn’t watch it