Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned because I got lost


Banned for causing a 1v1. Also, where are my presents?!


Banned for demanding presents.


Banned for not giving me a present.


Banned for sitting behind a computer during your birthday


Banned for also sitting behind a computer on my birthday


Banned for changing your profile picture.


Banned because your profile keeps me up at night

not actually im no puss


Banned for not changing your profile picture.


Banned for picking your nose. Moderator Note: That’s fucking disgusting, you gross ass.


Banned for swearing, this is a family friendly forum mister!


Banned for calling this forum “family friendly”, where this forum is a forum for a game that, 1. has porn condos, 2. has gambling, and 3. has a lot of people using profanity.


Banned because the managers who moderate these forums are not responsible for the actions of their community in-game. The community doesn’t determine the “rating” of the game, and in turn, the forums for the game as well.


Banned because community content can mean 18+ stuff… and needs to be managed by the owner of the content.


Banned because i’m bored as fuck.


Banned for being bored like me.


banned for claiming to be “board” but you have tower unite.


Banned for being bored and having a board with you


Banned for not having a board with you


Banned for not seeing the board