Ban Report #4 and mini suggestion


@macdguy, @Matt, @Zak, this is a serious issue, and needs to be fixed pronto.
There needs to be an admin or mod on GMT for most of the day.
I know you guys are working on Tower Unite, but if this harassment, racisim, sexism, homophobia, and micspam keeps up, Tower Unite might get a bad rating thanks to a bad community, and then nobody will play it.
I really hope this doesn’t happen, as i :heart: Tower Unite and i think you have a good idea going.
Here is an example of not only what is going on in GMT, but what might be happening in TU as well





This has to stop, and the only way to do it is to Moderate GMT.
If GMT is not moderated, then people think they don’t have to follow rules, and nobody is there most of the day to teach or stop them.
And also, they will find Tower Unite, and make it Unacsessable for new players.
I would suggest looking for people to moderate the server, and Tower unite.
Please make this happen,


♫ Which one of these doesn’t belong, which one of these is not like the other… ♫


I know, i’m saying in general this shit happens every day


As stated before, this doesn’t affect Tower Unite. Individual Server Owners are responsible for moderating their own rules on their own servers.

Edit: cough mute button cough


They have stated they will have official servers.


To many spammers not enough space!


I’ve been moderating gmtower all the time. I am on my honeymoon so I guess you’ll have to wait until the 14th when I’m back.


I really feel like I see you in every thread about micspam saying the exact same thing.

Honestly, if you don’t want to contribute, why even bother posting?


Nevermind about waiting. I took time out of my vacation to ban them all for a week. I will deal with them after I get home so they’re out for now.


You’re a good man, Mac. Whoever your SO is, they’re lucky.


I do, because people don’t get it in their heads that problems like this are very easily solved. Not to mention, he had the gall to pair micspam with actual harassment (racism, sexism, etc.) The stupidity of that assertion is unreal. But people just don’t seem to get it.


None of those are a false comparison, since all of those things are violations of GMT’s in-game rules. If you think there shouldn’t be a rule against mic spam, take that up with GMT staff. Don’t waste time trying to start these conversations by voicing your disdain for something that isn’t going to change.

If you think you can put together a respectful, logical, well thought-out letter and send it to the moderators of GMT, explaining and suggesting reasons for there not being a rule against micspam, you are more than welcome to, but coming into threads where people are making very reasonable, sane, and logical requests for someone to be banned for violating a rule of a server that has been put in place since the server’s inception in 2009 is not going to win you any points with anyone.

While I do admire someone who can question the established ruleset and authority, I’ve learned to choose my battles in such a pursuit. Coming into any thread about mic spam, something that is against the GMT rules, and complaining that it shouldn’t be, is a very bad way to show your cause, especially when the thread itself is about a player getting banned for micspam.

My suggestion stands: Take time, consult with others who agree with you, and pen a respectful and professional letter stating logical, well thought-out reasons for a micspam rule not being enforced and see what the mods think. Keep the letter private so as to avoid public criticism fogging the official response. Until then, the moderators won’t change rules because someone complains about them in random threads.

I feel like @macdguy summarized this entire situation perfectly well, when needing to respond to you or those who think similar.


Generally I’m on @Drachen’s side; some of you are making this a much larger problem then it really is. I’m much more worried about the recent increase in harassment than I am micspamming.

But, it all boils down to the fact that rules are rules. The devs made them what they are for a reason, and we might as well follow them.


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The bans have been dealt with as well.