Ballrace: Reset of Moving Objects upon New/Reset Stage

The title is a bit confusing, so I’ll explain here. Whenever you clear a stage in Ballrace as of yet, moving objects (such as platforms and bumpers) are always moving, no matter what. When you enter a new stage, or have to retry a stage, the moving objects don’t reset to a specific starting location. This is a problem, because in Gmod Tower, the moving objects did reset, and it always gave each player a fair advantage to get the best time, without the moving objects being conveniently positioned just right one game and not the next, depending on how fast the previous stages were beaten. The most obvious example is in the new Memories map, where there are plenty of moving objects in many stages.

TL;DR - The “moving objects” do not reset their position like in Gmod Tower, enabling some people to have an unfair time advantage over others.

Will this issue be addressed sometime in the future? It’s hard to imagine this being an intentional feature.

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Yep it’s planned, I just recently reworked the ‘level reset’ system to make things like this easier, so I’ll have that implemented soon.