Ballrace - Paradise Best times < - less misleading

Hey, if you want to try and beat our current scores in ballrace post it here, Fatal found some huge shortcuts and we might make a video on a few of them. Heres our spreadsheet

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uploading some improvements soon

also could you make this title a little less misleading >.>

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hey btw i absouletly love ur speedruns i completly reked my friends with ur shortcuts :3

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How is it missleaading? ;p

because its not paradise in 2mins 47.93

Im making a video for it atm

just a few for nowww

Ive found a way to get around 11 seconds on stage 2, its possible but i havent done it just yet. It combines two shortcuts that get you about 17 seconds

are you gona like add me to ur cool kids time table listy thing or a public spreadsheet would be nice

Yeah add me on steam and send me your email and i can add you to it