Ballrace HUD animations

The new HUD animations that have been included in ballrace are a bit too much imo.

Especially if we look at the Bonus text as that can be way too flashy and distracting.

I did a quick mock-up one for the “FAILED” text which I quickly did in After Effects. Just thought this would get an idea of how it could maybe look as the original seems to zip off-screen way too fast and doesn’t fit the failing vibe. Thought either a puff of smoke or a dissolve would feel way better.

I agree that the failed text is a bit over-the-top but I feel like the others are fine, although they could maybe just be sped up a bit. The transitions feel exaggerated and speeding them up but keeping the screen time the same would make them much better I think.

Personally I think the “Bonus” animation should be slowed down a bit imo. It would be fine then for me for that one.

For the “GO!” I think it grows too large. And I dunno about you but I always see this little pixel flickering thing in the background every time the “GO” text shows up. The “Ready” text is absolutely fine imo