Ballrace ball design

Hey this is just a minor suggestion regarding the ballrace balls. I think they should:

a) Be less see-through. Right now it’s hard to even tell apart their colors. Maybe that’s just my nostalgia talking, but I honestly prefer GMT design.

b) Shatter into thinner pieces upon death. Right now they leave huge chunks behind. They look ugly and don’t resemble the balls all.

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I like the big chunks. If you’ve ever destroyed a bouncy ball in real life, you’d see that it’s like that.


Gotta agree with evkem that’s how bouncy balls work in real life.


I always imagined the ballrace balls to be closer to gacha capsules

since they don’t really bounce that much

I always pictured them sorta like a kickball, that are inflated and rubbery. I miss the kickball sound effects from the pre-alpha. Those were really really fun.

Huh i still hear those when i crash into stuff on Midori.