Ball Race time payout?

On Ball Race maybe they can add payout that is about the time too i don’t know if it is a good idea but its nice for the speed runners is’t something extra for our practice i hope to see some feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

1-4 seconds 200 units
5-9 seconds 100 units
10-15 seconds 50 units
And above 15 seconds no extra units
(works with single player)


Sounds like a good idea. Although if something like this gets in place, they would probably tweak the reward a bit.

This would also be less tedious for grinding.

It’s a little unfair though, you’r just giving the better players more money when they could be getting loads already (from being first or whatever).

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Yea i guess you are right i tweaked the reward a bit

Truth to be told, it’s kinda the same with virus too. The one that survive get more cash then infected do, especially if the person happens to be the last survivor.

I believe there are no stages you can complete within 1-4 seconds. Shortest time I’ve ever gotten on a single stage is 5 seconds. Otherwise this is alright, I’d like rewards for faster times.

The fastest I have gotten is around 4.9 seconds, on two levels in Nimbus.

it is possible to do it ive done it like 3 times on some lvls

So you want Nimbus to give you even more Units?

Also when you are faster you get more “Units per minute” anyway already. No need to increase it even further.

Oh and we need a better payout for the longer and harder maps first before anything.

does it keep track of your best times yet? would be a nice addition if it’s not in the game.

Nope, doesn’t keep track of anything really.

in gmt it posted your ballrace best time into chat. tracking your personal best time in some way would be really awesome. and btw a global leader board sounds like a good idea, too.

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The rewards ideas could use some reworking (as others have suggested), but this is a great idea. It would encourage players to go faster rather than just lollygagging around.