Ball Race/ Minigolf little idea

So, I was just sitting around, and I thought- there’s a tad of similarity between Minigolf and Ballrace. Get your ball into the hole. So, this got me thinking; what if there was a Minigolf themed Ballrace map, in which you’re on a Minigolf green with added/ tweaked obstacles? Or, a Ballrace themed Minigolf map, maybe with the paradise tubes or Nimbus bumpers? Not sure. Just a thought.


they already made one called khromidro in gmt

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I thought you were going to suggest that we can replace the golf ball with a Ball Race ball and replace the Ball Race ball with a golf ball.
Which would be cool.

but your suggestion is neat too, I’d love to minigolf on a ball race themed map.

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i was thinking they could remake it like they remade sky world