Ball Race - Memories in 4:17


not even addicted hush

u r so addicted

So, when’s the AGDQ appearance?

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Was that pause buffering in the first course?

Lol, my record for memories is also 4:17 :smile:

upload it then!! we need more people on

Don’t know if I still have it because I livestream my runs and twitch doens’t keep recordings forever. Eventually Tower Unite will have leaderboards tho so i’m probally gonna wait for that

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This MIGHT be a long post, but I just want to share some stuff that’ll make a few levels faster, and shave off some time. Some of these may or may not be useful for you at the moment, but once you guys narrow it down to only the riskiest of ways will get it done the fastest, you’ll be happy I took time making this (I hope lol). Also, all time saves, I’ll be basing off what you do in the video and what I’ve personally done and remembered to screenshot.

Level 2, you can clip the corner to the left as you get off the light bridge and bounce over the repeller, then finish normally, it’ll save you two seconds.
Level 4, if you find the right way to bounce the left side, it’s a little faster, but obviously riskier, can save you one second.
Level 5 sucks, since it’s based on where the bridge is, but if it’s at the best time (starts on the very left and just started moving right), you can full speed across, hit the middle of the two big squares after, bounce to roughly where the melons are, and clip that to bounce straight over into the goal (or if at a bad angle, from the melons, you can bounce off the repeller towards the goal).
Level 7, you can clip between the center of the top moving square at the beginning and the wall in front of you, launching you up high enough to drop into the goal, or, the way you did it, but instead slam into that spinning wall as it’s lined up with the last bridge, and pop over to the goal.
Level 8, it’s faster to bounce off the top, rather than fall between the two walls over the boost. Can’t really tell you what you’d save, since that timer for the beginning was bad luck.
Level 9 is hard to explain, as it’s luck based and one of the hardest skips to pull off, but in the video, when you’re just about to go through where the wall was, there are two attracters, and after them is that one square that sticks out. From the beginning, if you line that up right, you can clip that square and bounce over to right after that twist where there’s an attracter on the wall. If done correctly it’ll catch you a bit, and you’ll land in the dip right by the goal. The only downside is, if it’s not set up when the round starts, it may be faster doing what you already did by playing the round normally.
Level 10, just stay on the left and take the over the wall part like you did, then take the boost but instead of dodging the invisible walls, run straight across the top and dive into the goal, saves about 2 1/2-3 seconds.

Again, sorry it was long, and I hope this helps anyone out in the future when you all REALLY narrow it down to who can truly be the fastest. :slight_smile:


That was Epic for some tough shortcuts. Maybe you should ask the devs or when workshop comes out to make a real challenge race to see if your worthy for a real speed run.