Ball race melon limit

why? why is this a thing? i dont feel like getting melons because of this limit. WHY IS THERE A LIMIT ON MELON ROUND? this is so dumb get rid of this. especially for GLXY that bonus round is straight up doo doo with a melon limit…

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This is so everybody gets a chance to get a bonus, and an incentive for players not to hoard all the melons so nobody gets left out.


what does this have to do with everyone to get a bonus? did you read what the suggestion is? to get rid of the melon limit…

I read it. The melon limit means that people will be less inclined to take all the melons and leave bone behind for others.


i would much rather have everyone racing to get all the melons that they can instead of putting a cap to make it “fair”

melons are useless in singleplayer as it is, it’d make more sense to have the cap for singleplayer to prevent the farming and leave multiplayer as free reign

no i mean melon capacity not the amount on the map… you can only get points for a total of like 12 of them or something

So do I. You can only earn money off of up to 20 melons, which is definitely enough in my opinion. It’s a good bit of money.


no during the bonus round on GLXY. and now once again how would this affect players at all. you get more money

It’s sort of a balancing act. If players earn money too fast, then they can by whatever they want and then there isn’t enough content to keep interest because they blow through everything. If players don’t earn money quick enough, then they lose interest because they’re not getting anywhere. You know? The melon cap both makes players less greedy/less incentive to take all the melons and also prevents the game being too much of a breeze.


A cap on melons in singleplayer wouldn’t do anything because melons don’t reward you in solo. So why put a cap for singleplayer?

so make them not useless by giving us a score

I don’t like it much either, and while I’m sure the devs have a reason for adding it, I think it should DEFINITELY be removed from the bonus rounds. Having a limit on how many melons you can get on a level all about collecting melons is just stupid IMO.

Well it might be there to counter the last player from collecting all the melons while everybody else is waiting for that player to finish. I would even argue that the timer should be shortened with each player that finished the map. (With some limits)

Also the bonus round should simply have a bonus for the top players. Easy fix.