Ball Race in NASA Speedrun Marathon 2020 - Help pick playermodels!

Me and fellow player ArcticFire will be doing an All Worlds speedrun race of Ball Race at 4:57 PM EST on June 13th at NASA Marathon 2020.

Normally, NASA Marathon is an in-house event in North America (Hence why it is North American Speedrun Assembly) but due to COVID19, it has gone online this year. As a result, anyone from across the world was able to submit to the marathon. I submitted a run, and asked if anyone was willing to do a speedrun race, and ArcticFire agreed. In addition, we have Zenthex as a commentator.

If you want to watch the event, Details are here.
The marathon is spread out across two weekends, Disc 1 and Disc 2. We are playing on the second weekend on June 13th. In case the schedule changes, you can have a live schedule.

The marathon, for the first time, is also accepting donation incentives. Our incentive is to pick the player model. Please please please do drop model nominations for each me (Kitoko) and ArcticFire individually since that is how the incentives will work. I am not asking for donations here, this is just to suggest options to be picked from.

We will not be using any lag glitches at all, and be practicing prior to the event. If you learn something new, we’ll be happy. If you already knew it, we’re proud of you. Ball Race is fun and we all want to get it out there to the world.

In addition, I will also be helping out with the marathon itself as a volunteer, so don’t be concerned if I stop responding sometime throughout the marathon! I’m probably helping!


If the event is going to use the NASA acronym, might as well throw in an astronaut playermodel. Perhaps the Classic GMT Spacesuit would be an option? Though, I haven’t used it in forever and it looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2018. You might want to double check that it still works nicely.


Models for You and Arctic? Well other than your normal models such as the Nanachi and Zero. Ideas such as Mario and Luigi or Chara and Frisk are good ones you could do.

Make sure to tag which model is for who!


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@Arkive86 are you nominating it for both?

@yoshiex_34 links pls

I couldn’t narrow it down to one pair so I had to place it as choices. I’ll put a crown next to my preferred one tho:

The Abyss Astronauts
ArcticFire as Reg & Kitoko as Nanachi

:crown: Mobius Moonjumpers
ArcticFire as Tails & Kitoko as Cream

Fluffy Freestylers
ArcticFire as Fidget & Kitoko as Ricole


Choose the house model, goddammit! :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, idm. Feel free to go as crazy as you want - they don’t even need to match up.

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How about Pikachu for Arctic and Eevee for Kitoko?

Also, good luck to both of you! I’ll be sure to watch the run (probably on YouTube; not really a fan of livestreams).

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I’ll nominate a few options and ideas, but Killer Cat Queen is my main pick. :eyes:

Killer Cat Queen
ArcticFire as Stray Cat (Tama) & Kitoko as Killer Queen

Void Vessels
ArcticFire as Knight & Kitoko as Hornet

ArcticFire as [Default Player Model] & Kitoko as [Default Player Model]

Good luck to you guys! Can’t wait to check it out.

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Kitoko are Mario and Arctic as Luigi

Kitoko as Frisk and Arctic as Chara

And finally for the memes

Kitoko as the Goose and Arctic as the Banana

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Ah! I forgot you were looking for pairs of playermodels, I just couldn’t get the NASA coincidence out of my head. I suppose it could be for both of you. Though, if there’s another space themed playermodel out there to act as the second part of a pair, I’d say go for two different, but related models. I’m afraid I don’t have any proper suggestions for a second space themed model. Maybe this alien model?

So, I suppose my full suggestion is:
Kitoko as Classic GMT Spacesuit and Arctic as space alien (or vice versa, I don’t really care who dresses as what). And, as I mentioned before, you’re free to substitute that quickly found alien model with any other space-themed model as you like.


These are great suggestions so far, keep it up!

I’m calling this player model pick closed in roughly two hours, get your final say in ti when you can.

The run will start soon!