Ball Race Ice World Recreation

Thought I’d remake Ice World from Gmod Tower in the blank condo. Coming along very well. Not everything is the same because no rotating objects + some things are too hard. What do you think? Screenshot%20(296)|690x388 Screenshot%20(297)


this looks great :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! Here’s another screenshot:


I imagine once workshop gamemode maps become a thing you will be one of the people remaking the old ballrace maps

Maybe haha

Very nice!! Ice world is one of the maps i really want to return to TU.
By the way, you might be able to do a few spinning platforms using stretched Gems, Haunted Candles/Candelabras/Bookpiles, etc. It’s not the best solution but i hope it helps!

I have tried stretched Gems, trying to do the bonus level, but the collision is a bit weird and doesn’t align with the gem so that doesn’t really work.

nimbus should of had ice world’s layout.

The map is now finished! Once community condos are released I can open this up. Here are some screenshots of the whole thing