Ball race count down

When playing ball race the host always has an advantage of being the first player loaded and start the map possible 0.5 seconds or more before any other player. Could you make it that after every round there is a couple second count down before anyone can move so the host doesn’t get an advantage.

PS please fix the camera facing wrong way issue as well this gives an advantage of the host as well as their camera is always facing the right way when spawning.


I like this idea, maybe make it something like in super monkey ball where you see a overview of the level you’re on and after 3 seconds you start

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Cool idea i usually don’t like ball race suggestions but this one is actually nice

I like this. There’s still a glitch involving non-host players having their camera facing the wrong direction at the start, so if they’re going to fix that for the time being, this would be a nice remedy.